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The Answer Is Simple MP3 Song: No Matter What

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In 1993 I had just decided to start travelling to share my new creations.  A former Unity Minister from San Luis Obispo, CA had relocated to a church in Missoula, Montana and invited me up to share music. As I prepared for the trip I started having trepidations about the trip. I cleared some ancient debris with an astrologer friend and headed out unimpeded. Still, along the highway through Eastern Oregon, I was feeling uncertain. I started to create a singable mantra "No matter what I will be OK". By the end of the trip the song had been fleshed out. It has since served many who are in the midst of change.
It’s somewhere and it’s sometime an unfamiliar trail                            
A hoped for destination a half lived fairy tale
I’m on the road and a feeling lights my way
No matter what unfolds I’ll be OK
And the highway pulls me onward I’m beckoned by the moon
There’s an answer in here somewhere everything’s a clue
I’m on the road
Though a part of me just kicks and screams to stay
I know no matter what I’ll be OK
Oh, the traveling gets lonely it’s forever at the wheel
I relive some lost affection as I search for something real
I’m on the road
Oh, I just might lose my way
But I know no matter what I’ll be OK
Is this the promise of tomorrow
Is this the future’s luring call
Is this my ticket to the golden gate of Heaven
Or just my last hurrah
And the miles move like clockwork there’s nothing to impede
I’m trusting in God’s highway I’m cruising at full speed
I’m on the road
This could be my perfect day
For I know no matter what I’ll be OK
It’s people and it’s places it’s the highway’s haunting song
It’s the wisdom of experience that pulls this man along
I’m on the road
And all that I can say
Is I know no matter what I’ll be OK
 © C. AUGUST 31, 1996. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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