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The Answer Is Simple MP3 Song: Surrender

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I have walked the lonesome highway
Seeking safety in the night
Turned away from those who offered me shelter
While I held my longings tight
I have battled with my senses  I have fallen I have cried
Struggled back to face the fears I had censored  deeply humbled by the climb
     All the while there were angels laughing           
     That I would make it seem so hard
     They would dance and sing, get my attention, they’d say                       
     It’s not meant to be this hard
Somewhere I softened and listened  Somehow I laid some pain aside
Took a risk said yes to one moment  A bit afraid of what I’d find
I found people who love me Their smile reminds me I Am I
Their tenderness dismantled all my resistance To reveal a Light inside
I’ve been given something precious  With all I need to freely fly
A world abundant with an endless stream of playmates
I believe, my friends, it’s time
To surrender to this life                     I surrender to this life                 
Let’s surrender to this life
        © December 27,1996. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.
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