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The Answer Is Simple MP3 Song: When the Balance Is True

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I love this song. I love to sing it. It projects a place that I believe everyone is headed for. I always believed everything would work out. I don't know why. Really think I brought it with me as a foundational tool that could lift me above my experiences to write the songs about it...the songs that always had a verse that was a way out, a resolution to the challenge, a win-win for all. This was an undercurrent of my own I Am template that never got smothered. So, despite some pretty despicable treatment in my early years, I was able to feel my way back to the higher perspective every time without exception. Some times it took longer...but I always made it back to my inner home of knowing..,There will come a day...I will stand right up, and be so strong, I'll be filled with the Light, I'll be open wide, every cell in me will be unified...

Who wouldn't want this? Everybody I have sung this for has felt the yearning tug deep within that broke something loose, an old worn out belief, a wound that just wouldn't release up until the chorus, a remembering that they were more than they had allowed, that the Cosmos was a really good place after all...despite the journey thus far.

We are in a powerful place these days...we stand at the forefront of an inner revolution/evolution that is transforming how life shows up. Songs like this one are catalysts that trigger the remembering...which then releases your own inner response that reveals your own way...sing this song...listen to it over and over...let it knock the crap out of you...literally...then sing it some more because it is an invitation for the truth of you to reawaken and walk hand in hand with the Great Cosmic it was meant to be...
When the balance is true, when the balance is true...
There will come a day
And it won’t be long
I will stand right up
I will be so strong
I’ll be filled with the Light
I’ll be open wide
Every cell in me
Will be unified
I will raise my hands
I will lift my eyes
I will shout to the world
“I Am Alive”
I will dwell in the now
I will flow like the wind
I’ll be solid on the earth
Like I never have been
     I will build a life of beauty
     Fill it up with Love
     Manifest all I desire
     Whatever I dream of
     I will have all that I need to be
     The everything I Am
     The Love of God
     Will flow through me
     Pouring through my hands
     When the balance is true
     When the balance is true

        ©1996.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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