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Translucent You MP3 Song Download: A Brand New Day

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Another TYOU song penned in the Lake Arrowhead snow before coming to the island the first time, this song was often used to conclude the day's work/play. I took the motif from a reliable Yamaha PSR720 keyboard arranger that was filled with preset styles to build songs with. I called up a Salsa and away it went. Ok, remind us why we came to the island...check. Tell us again what we are going to do...check. Tell us what will happen if we surrender to this stuff...check. Celebrate...check. Realize that, damn...this stuff works...check.'s a brand new day...check!

I have come to this island
To find Paradise
Rediscover the me I Am
Reclaim my Power, fully devour
This life that’s been placed
In these hands

I shall become translucent
See all the beauty
As memories get washed away
I shall stand on a new shore
Divinely reborn
To celebrate

Translucent, translucent
Revealing a brand new me, oh
Translucent, translucent
It’s a brand new day
It’s a brand new day

1999.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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