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Translucent You MP3 Song Download: Born to Be

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In each TYOU session in Kauai, at the beginning, we presented this song. It was to be the personal taking stock song and the permission giving necessary from within to activate the muscles of "yes, I love myself so much that I will do anything to reclaim it...even this!"

It had a Latin feel so the hips would be invited to break the chains of the past and allow the inevitable healing to inaugurate. Crossroads. indeed...that infinite space between what was and what can be...born only in this Now. The song acknowledges the journey of what was and hints toward the new possibility. Then it puts its hands over its ears and throws up the slurry of what if's to wade through. Of course they are there...of course we have to lay them on the personal and collective altar...hey, wait a minute, these all sound the same...hmmm...Aaahhh...progress...keep going, Grasshoppers

And then the Light goes on just a bit as we each realize that it doesn't have to be that way. Wonder of wonders...miracle of miracles...I will not stand here frozen one more day...well, are you really sure...back to the start to rinse and repeat...

Finally, after multiple stage settings and false starts we settle into a rousing chorus of here I Am in this new expression of me running around like a child without any I was born to be. Sing it out again and again. Dance it from your belly. Sing it from your toes. Feel it through your heart. We are never going back there to that land of manufactured what-if's...never.

I'm in my's the way I was born to be. 

Welcome to Translucent You...all you travelers...and most of all... Thank you, Cuky, for that one of a kind manifestation of your personal vision. You made the world a higher frequency place and healed a lot of bumps and bruises and skinned knees along that Love infested highway. All of us, from Sonia to Michelle to Crystal to Karl to Kyle to Debra to Brad to Kimo to me, shared the magic and likely hold this as a treasured experience and top 5 memory of this incarnation. I, for one, surround you and us all in gratitude and carry endless blessings from our long standing association...mahalo...for your cooperation. 

I'm in my's the way I'm born to be...

I look at my life
Here at the crossroads
My, oh, my which way
To go familiar
Would be comfortably safe
But I’ve a yearning,
Had it a long time
Don’t want to stay the same
There lies a new road
And it’s calling my name
    What if I stumble When the road gets really rough?
    What if I lose my way And fall, fall, fall, fall?
    What if I find myself And truly reach happiness?
    No, I will not stand here frozen One more day
          Look at me running Through this life-filled wilderness
          Look at me sailing over All these hills
          Look at me dancing with The me I truly love
          I’m singing out With a voice of resonance
          I’m in this moment And I love to take the chance
          I’m in my Power It’s the way I’m born to be
         ©1999.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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