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Translucent You MP3 Song Download: Boundaries

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This song in Em was designed as a bit of tongue in cheek approach to how so many need help shoring up leaky and weak personal boundaries. Too many let others too far in and succumb to the unwanted energetic influence. Without strong personal boundaries we are malleable to the energetic intentions of others. The option is to learn to establish and maintain a strong energetic personal boundary.

This song was designed in pre TYOU workshops to do just that. We sang and danced it out over and over, practicing on drawing a boundary with each rotating partner. Then, when it felt strong, we changed it to realizing that we can regulate that boundary to consciously and purposefully let those we choose into our space. 

The song is a playful skill builder. At an experiential event like TYOU the potential for intimacy developed quickly as we were there for a common purpose. Yet, developing a usable capacity to apply discernment is just the thing to practice in the safe environment we created in Hawaii. 

You can use this song to practice on your own, building your own empowered balanced personal space. Do it...

This is my boundary,
This is my space
This is where I belong
Get out of my face
Get out of my face
This is my boundary,
This is my place
I’d like to let you in
Come share my space
Come share my space
           ©1999.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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