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Translucent You MP3 Song Download: Preparing the Soil

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Translucent You (TYOU) was designed to be a purposeful, spontaneous reopening of the travelers from the ground up. It was physical. It became emotional. It was mental. And it was uber-spiritual as it included the mighty Spirit of the islands which were long ago the very site of the primary Lemurian Civilization that peopled this Earth plane via their own home in the Pleiadian cluster (just thought I'd throw this in). On the first day we had to go into the personal Earth and prepare the soil. Lots of rocks and weeds and critters had taken up space and made a home in the innards of the travelers. We had to do some gardening. This song in the action key of E did just that in a gentle but intentional way. Finally letting it go became an essential mantra of the first days. And with each massage, each dip in the ocean, each song sung, each improvisational dance at night, the process clarified, You could see it in the eyes. Let go...let go...yes...thank you...aaahhh...oh, look! There you are!

This song was borrowed from the previous CD, Sing Your Heart's Desire.
Preparing the soil
Tilling it, clearing it out
All the rocks and the weeds Of my life
Here in this moment
Finally letting it go
Let go, let go

            ©1999.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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