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Translucent You MP3 Song Download: Roots

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A large part of the TYOU experience was to return home to the physical body. The travelers who came to the island had already had years of living under the influence of personal and collective belief systems that did not treat the body well at all. So work had to be done. I took this song from its creation at previous workshop experiences Sonia and I had facilitated before in Chicago and points beyond because the idea of rooting back into the physical and connecting to the Earth was paramount for the opening of the intuitive capacities. 

We had to get solid on the earth and reestablish the life nurturing roots that would pull the power up to the viscera to nurture the whole being. Enter the Yamaha PSR720 and another preset to create this bouncy song, Roots. Over and over we chanted and moved and improvised to the idea of my roots go down. It invited expanded awareness to reawaken body contact and feel the sensations of the physical again without having to mask them or ignore their presence, like so many had been taught on the journey before.  It was an essential song that became a consistent part of every experience, including TYOU. Wake up, my trusted vehicle...I want to feel your presence. I want to assist you in allowing your design to keep me in the perpetually healthy state that is mine by birthright. 

Ok...let's dance this out...keep you feel yourself yet? No?...ok...keep going...until that first taste of the waking up...aaahhh...I can see home at last!

Solid on the Earth my roots go down...
Solid on the earth my roots go down
Solid on the earth my roots go down
Solid on the earth my roots go down
Down into the earth
My roots go down
       Grounded, balanced
       Feel my Self upon the earth
       Fully in the moment
       Feel it as the energy Tingles my feet
       Rising up to the heart of me

          ©1999.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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