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Translucent You MP3 Song Download: Thank You for Loving Me

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I was at a West Central Region Unity Kid's Camp in northern California long ago in the mid 90's at the last evening's campfire, when the director said, "We need a closing song that the kids can sing to the counselors". Uh...Ok, boss. Retreat to the behind the trees green room and noodle with the guitar until it drops in. With creativity there is always noodling, except for when there is a direct drop in from higher hands.

This simple little song about gratitude for being loved says books full of energetic messages. It has a sweet little guitar part that starts, goes up a bit, and then pulls back down, kind of like wanting to keep holding on to a precious moment when you were truly witnessed by another with that touchable, feel-able Big Love. It then rises up to hold the crux of the song about accepting me just the way that I Am. Bingo...done. Now...let's stage it.

Kids from 5-8, 5 in each group, 2 counselors, short song, campfire, closing ceremony...all the pieces to mold into a memorable set of precious moments. Time was running out and the kids were making their presence known through the woods already...OK, let's just have the little ones circle around the counselors singing the song over and over. let's do it.

Oh my goodness, I still get to tears when I write about it or sing it. These little ones singing in a moving circle to the belly buttons of these counselors, simply witnessing the immaculate power of Love in action. We all were drenched in much so that we had to pull back from the fire over the concern that we would put it out with our tear filled elixer of life. 

Simple. Love. Given. Accepted. A match made in heaven. I just can't stop crying about it. Oh, yeah, that little kid in each of us never grows up. So, of course, she is gonna connect and let the faucets open at every chance he gets. Thank you for loving me...

At TYOU we used this song frequently after connected experiences, but it always worked at closing, just to wrap up our experience with the cherry of gratitude on top. And, you guessed it, there were often those tears-a-fallin'. Little kids forever...

Thank you for loving me
Thank you for loving me
Accepting me just
The way that I Am
Thank you for loving me
         ©1999.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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