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True Balance MP3 Song Download: I Am a Hero

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During my 15 years as music director at Unity San Luis Obispo, CA I would often get requests from congregants to write a song for them. Usually I accepted. I received such a request from my friend, Janet, who knew someone whose daughter was undergoing a challenging illness. Janet wanted a song about heroes, for some reason. I agreed and began to think about the topic. In our culture it seemed that being a hero meant you were someone in the public eye. The word hero was thrown around to movie stars, musicians, sports figures, people in the helping professions, the armed services, astronauts, etc. It kind of seemed that the meaning of hero had been misplaced. I also realized that when someone is raised to hero status then the next thing would be that the tabloids would look for dirt. Before you knew it, the hero was tarnished and toppled. Curious, to be sure...

So I diverted my focus to the daily lives of you and me. For me there were times when the last thing I wanted to do was to crawl out of bed in the morning. It took an effort above and beyond to motivate myself to face what I knew was before me. Now, here we go. It is the common folk who often are the most heroic, showing up to the particular daily travails and monsters and know what I mean. I had my slant on the song and just needed the feel. I put it in G and for that is the throat key and this was about speaking out into the world,rediscovering the inner resources of strength and courage and action. the 6/8 feel is the stuff these songs are made of...In this life shall come moments of challenge, when the shapes and the forms tumble down"...Later I realized I had borrowed heavily from the Billy Joel classic, Piano Man...oh, well, Thank you, Billy. I love to sing this song. It is powerful and stirring and filled with classic imagery. Use it to rise up and face your challenges, whatever they may be.


In this life shall come Moments of challenge
When the shapes and the forms Tumble down
When the ego will writhe with Resistance
As the darkness does dance All around
When the child will reach out For assistance
From a God who seems So far away
Though everything’s blurred A connection is heard
A spark is ignited a memory stirs

From out of the ethers in silence
From within the heart’s Ceaseless void
A rider comes over the mountains
Emblazoned in power and joy
And the fog opens up like The Red Sea
A sweet song sweeps over the land
With rider and horse fast approaching
I remember like a hero I can

Oh, set me upon raging rivers
Hang me out over the ledge
Turn out the lights if you must
But I tell you
This warrior shall dance on the edge
Nothing shall keep me from center
Fear shall be my greatest friend
I’ll rise from the ashes
Of the choices I’ve laid
And protect the king till the end
For I Am a hero, again and again

So I call upon all of you heroes
Whose spirit and deeds fill our lives
Inanna, Amelia and Rachel
Ulysses and Martin and John
Jamie and Mikey and Peter
Alea and Nancy and Ann
You and me Gandhi and Biko
Come gather and join as we stand
1996.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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