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True Balance MP3 Song Download: Like a Tree

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I am a folk singer at heart. I know a lot of styles of music because of years of playing in cover bands and wedding bands. After all this exposure to the panorama of music, I feel quite comfortable writing in any style, especially country. A song with a country feel makes a song personal in different ways than your pop ballad. I use it when the guitar gives it to me...

I love trees...grew up in San Miguel, CA, a small town that has one of the original California Missions in it. There is also the Salinas River flowing through it, in a Northern direction (quite unusual for rivers). The river was mostly dry but during the rainy season it would slowly start to run, sometimes becoming a torrent. I spent a good part of my boyhood in this river, both dry and wet. Often me and my friends, Mike Henson and Herkie Johnson, would build tree forts. We had several big majestic cottonwoods that seemed to have branches that would cradle a tree fort...these were our favorites. More than once we sweated and struggled to build a platform upon which we could all sit high above the ground in the arms of that cottonwood surveying our kingdom. And more than once, when we all sat it that tree together, it would last about 15 minutes before it collapsed from our collective weight and down we would go in a heap of laughter and disbelief. And every single time, those beautiful trees would catch us as we fell and deliver us unharmed to the sandy ground.

When I needed to write a song about grounding I remembered those cottonwoods...connected to the Earth, swaying in the breezes and wind, holding these precious three boys close so they could live in that playful, magic land of the child self...and I called to them for inspiration.Like a Tree is what they gave gratitude.


     Like a tree, a strong tree
     Reaching down, down, down
     Solid on the earth
     Connected to the ground
     Let the wild winds blow
     Let the storms rage through
     I will bend and flow
     Rooted to the Truth
     Yeah, yeah, oh yeah (2X)
Roots going down
Immersing with the earth
Energy rise, I Am rebirthed
Life Force flow, fill me up
Here and now I sing
Trunk so solidly flexible
Etched by life so beautiful
In a balance between
Heaven and Earth
Here and now I sing
Branches reaching toward the sun
Gentle kisses from the One
Power of Earth
Feeding fingers and toes
Here and now I sing
  © 2001. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.


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