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True Balance MP3 Song Download: Love the One You're With

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I was driving in San Luis Obispo one afternoon and I pulled up to a corner where a homeless man had set up his workplace, asking for handouts. He had a clever sign and I recall myself having some critical judgment as I started to pull beyond him. As I turned the corner, I glanced back and he was staring right at me. I had a funny feeling of recognition...but drove off and let it go...or so I thought. Fast forward to Saturday night and the post club music routine of checking the answer machine for Rev. Richard's talk title. There it was, "Love the One You're With". Oh, great...been done by by Stephen Stills in the 70's. I played it through once just to refresh and at the first chorus realized that the spirit of it was not the stuff for a Sunday service. So...

Picked up the guitar and started picking a familiar  1 6minor 4 5 chord structure that has fed a billion and a half songs through history...and here was another. There was something about the feel that caught me... Immediately the man on the street experience hit me in the face. I knew what I had to do. I dredged up all the moments when I turned away from showing up for someone in need and sorted through them. There was plenty of material here to solidly remind me of the choice to be made in a love the one you're the big love way. The song was a hit. I knew the moment I finished that it was powerful, a heart grabber, and would serve me well the rest of my days...and it has. But there is just a bit more to the story.

Songwriting is an extremely personal thing, a turning inside out of oneself, so to speak. For me, I used my life as the grist for the song. I had to...mainly because it was really my vehicle of catharsis...and if it serves anyone else, then that is the bonus. My songs often become the way life shows a test to see how committed I am to what I just committed to in was the very day I had presented the song at the service that it happened. I had gotten accolades for the creation and was feeling pretty good about myself when I got home. The phone rang and a male voice said with some urgency, "You gotta help me !" I said, "Excuse me?". "You gotta help me..." How did you get my number? The lady at the church...Oh...And I hear in the back of my mind, Go on and love the one you're with...I get it..the Cosmic follow up...

"What do you need?" I asked. "I'm stuck in SLO and I'm trying to get to San Francisco but I'm out of gotta help me!" My mind drifted to a tiny multi folded $100 bill that I kept in my wallet as my "just-in-case" money...Go on and love the one you're with..,"Where are you?" I ask..."The Vagabond Inn, Room 233"..." I'll be there in half an hour...I pull up to the room and the voices in my head are going a mile a minute about what might happen and the $100 bill and yada yada yada...I got out of the car and, yes, I was nervous. Knock knock...door opens and "" I see this young man and my gaze drifts upward to the follow the most magnificent mohawk I have ever seen. It was just like the sail of a marlin. Stunning. And then the multi piercings and the tattoos came into focus and the pit of my stomach stirred "What am I doing here?" I thought..almost immediately answered by come on in...and I did...half wondering if I would ever come out alive. It happened in a flash...the exchange...the hundred changes hands...he says something like thanks man, I will pay this back...and I was outside again.

Did this even happen, I thought...Go on and love the one you're with.. the feeling started to grow, it was warm and grew from the center of my heart. It felt like I had done something nice, taken a risk, and stepped up to the song I sang just that morning. I hopped in the car and half expected to drive through a crowd of people hearing the Mother tell her young child, "There he is Sally, the man who gave the $100 dollars!"...but, of course, none of that happened. I simply drove home still wondering if this guy was an angelic walk in out for some fun...go on and love the one you're with
Standing in the line, I turn
I catch the person’s eye
I can turn away
Or I can give a smile
It’s my chance to make a difference
To brighten up a day
I praise the God within 
And send a precious, love bouquet
A man is seeking money
He is living on the street
I see his sign and judge
Thinking he’ll drink instead of eat
I start to turn the corner
When I turn to see his face
I see the God within him
I place twenty on his plate
     Throughout the day they come
     Moments meant for me
     Throughout the day
     Life lays them at my feet
     She says, “Have compassion”
     She says, “Take the risk”
     She says, “Go on
     And love the one you’re with”
A spider in the bathtub
A fly upon the wall
A traffic jam, the couple fighting
Somewhere down the hall
The man who cut before me
The waitress late and rude
Within these golden moments lies
A fundamental truth
To get the Love I want
I must give the Love I seek
As I do for you, my friend
Someone will do for me
These laws of Love are written
They’re embedded in the heart
So what stands
Right here before me
Is the perfect place to start
So, Lord, give me situations
To practice loving sweet
To ease the pain of living
In everyone I meet
And let me grow in bunches
From the inside to the out
And let me know that Love is all
I’ll ever be about

    ©1996.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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