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True Balance MP3 Song Download: The Face of God

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I was never really a God guy. I grew up in San Miguel, California, a small central coast town that had one of the original California missions in it, built in the mid 1700's. My Mother was Greek Orthodox. The closest thing to that was the Mission. And so Catholic I became...for awhile Maybe it was the tweed pants that did me in. or maybe the incessant regurgitation of the books of the Bible...or maybe it was looking out the door in catechism at the little brown Methodist church where they always seemed to be going on hay rides. I think it was the Metaphysical books strewn all over the coffee table in the house where I grew up. Standards: Psycho-cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz; the Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale; the I Am Discourses by St. Germaine; and How to Read Palms for Fun and Profit, by who knows?

I had a yearning for a community of like-minded people in the late 80's. I asked everyone I knew and those I ran into. Where do I go to get this? When the answers came back strongly in favor of a place called Unity, I listened. I went the following Sunday and since it was new members Sunday, I joined. Why wait around? It simply felt like the place I wanted to be. I needed to volunteer for some service so I took a risk and said I would provide music once a month. This would prove to be a major turning point in my if this is what I had been directed towards for the entire incarnation. This choice has led to all the songs you have available at this site. It is likely that you are here because of the impact of one of these creations that spoke deeply to you...triggering your own remembering.

Yes, I found my own way to God, calling her many things to fit the song. But It all, honestly, has led me back to me. In the middle of it all I have become connected to life, mostly unafraid of the forms, inspired by what I see and experience, willing to see the beauty in matter the form.

One day, the Saturday night talk title message came in with, The Face of God.I was staying at my girlfriend's house that overlooked a creek. With the window open you could hear the trickle of the water. I got to thinking about the face of God and drifted into the multitude of forms that a moment can take. Flashes of scenes, vignettes floated across the inner screen. I made notes and picked up the guitar. It was a sweet feeling rhyhm and a bit of an unusual chord progression. It felt repetitive because that was the consistency of the Face of God in everything. The images lined everything, I see the face of God.

I countered that with some recognition that there are times when it feels so out of line with the hope, the vision, the belief, of the positivity of there is no meaning...until in the spinning around and around I come back to the flow...and see that Face in Everything...yes, everything. Please take solace in knowing that the duality of this dimension is fading and what is showing up to take its place is the undercurrent, the foundation of the Big Love, where all forms are in alignment and we grow to be more interested in experiencing the fullness of the moment than categorizing it as good or everything, I see the Face of God
First light of the morning
The call of the whippoorwill
Man’s latest creation
The roar of the sea
The eye of a hurricane
A smile under the moonlight
The touch of your tenderness
The pain living in me
I have searched the far and wide
What I’ve seen I can’t deny
Diversity I honor I applaud
In everything,
I see the face of God
A child in motion
A little chapel upon the hillside
The chant of a holy one
An eagle in flight
A desert where nothing grows
A lotus upon the water
The words of a poet singing
The love in your eyes
I have searched the far and wide
What I’ve seen I can’t deny
Diversity I honor I applaud
In everything, I see the face of God
     But there are times When life’s not rolling
     Nothing’s moving Nothing’s flowing
     God is on vacation
     Couldn’t see Her if I tried
     I don’t see Holiness in anything
     The thoughts I think songs I sing
     I’m frightened by my moments
     Spinning all around, ‘round
     ‘Round, ‘round
Confusion and chaos
All the memories that I believe
A shot in the deep dark night
The passion of Love
Tears running down your cheeks
A dance under the moonlight
The kiss of a generation
A push and a shove
I have searched the far and wide
What I’ve seen I can’t deny
Diversity I honor I applaud
In everything, I see the face of God
      ©1996.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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