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Trust Your Vibes MP3 Song Download: A Better Time

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As Sonia's work began to evolve she was entering ideas and places I had addressed in song through many of my Unity Sunday morning creations. I started borrowing more and more from this fertile repository instead of creating songs anew. Some of them were already full length songs. So you see a few on this CD that are full songs, rather the shorter, repetitive intentional songs.

The talk on the Celestial street as the 80's came to a close riding the wave of the openings of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Change was happening. And for those who had heard the call much earlier in their lives there was a growing sense of both anticipation and a knowing that all of our efforts were finally beginning to bear fruit. When the Sunday Unity talk title was There's Never Been a Better Time, this song was ready to birth even as I set down to write it.

I put it in the juicy land of the Sacral Chakra in D where so much of life shows up energetically. The times were about getting clear and that is what the spiritual journey has going for it, a willingness to both turn in for clarity and cleansing, but also to reach out for support and guidance from the realms. So many were already expressing something special about the vibe of that fertile time. They were also expressing that many felt they were born for just this time...and, thus, felt a particular impulse to show up in spades, giving all they could to this unfolding common cause. 

This is a flowing song. I modified the D major and made the main chord a D6. That sixth in the chord alters the texture and also the vibration. Here is some information from my unique and powerful specialty course,Healing Music Musician's Training,Using the sixth is like sitting on your favorite Grandpa’s knee. It speaks of a simple time when things just had a flow. People weren’t empowered much but they had a good connection with life and the land. They did not resist much. It was just “who they were”. Sixths do that. In C it reaches up to the third eye and takes off the blinder, changes the world from all black and white to B&W and a spot of color… Makes things interesting. Use it for helping someone to entertain the option of growing and becoming more powerful. It is easy to digest but adds enough spark to make them look forward and, maybe, even stand up. It loves to swing. And that mood opens the windows and lets the breeze knock off the debris in that hip way.

So...enter this time of Holy celebrate life...a billion years we have been in preparation...

Listen how the melody follows a straight line and then drops at the end. It's like gathering a handful of Celestial wisdom and then lacing it into the deeper centers where it can take seed. The Lightworkers of the time had long been about their business. They had a significant palette of awareness available to them. The call of the time was to grab the new vibration as fertilizer and spread it over the already fertile soil to activate the new information contained in the original seeding and allow it to sprout into the spontaneous actions that many were responding to. Boy, was it a fascinating time...sort of running amuck while following a sure guidance from within...and then watching as the world began to change, for us first, and then slowly out into the collective....There’s never been a better time To crawl out of the past...Never been a better time for humans...Never been a better time In this whole Universe...Let fall away the cloak Of ignorance...

There’s never been a better time To be on this Earth
There’s never been a better time To rise
Never been a better time To see our full worth
Let our scattered vision realign
There’s never been a better time To start a new life
Never been a better time for truth
Never been a better time to Turn it all around
Catch up to the dreams We have pursued
         Enter the time of Holy Invitation
         To celebrate life
         A billion years we have Been in preparation
         Well, now the time is Here for us
         To free up every part of us
         Step into the whole
         Of what we are
There’s never been a darker time to radiate the Light
There’s never been a darker time to see
Never been a darker time
So filled with possibility
We’re breathing into darkness
To be free
There’s never been a better time To crawl out of the past
Never been a better time for humans
Never been a better time In this whole Universe
Let fall away the cloak Of ignorance

           ©2004.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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