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Trust Your Vibes MP3 Song Download: Dance in the Fire

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This song is a call to your wild and crazy self who will laugh at the forms of life, the idea of victimization, the thought that you can be overwhelmed by the ways of the world. The powerful one dances in the fire. Doing so diminishes the impact of what is currently in your face. Dancing while in the fire actually gives you time to release and clear so that the bigger picture of what is really going on can surface. Need I say more? Just use this song when you are deep in your sh*t...

There will be moments
There will be times
Life will seem crazy
Like life is on fire
I can go running
I can go hide
Or I can choose power
And dance in the fire
      Oh, oh I’ll take what I’m given
      I’ll swirl and I’ll twirl
      And make it all mine
      Oh, oh I’ll never be shaken
      As long as I face life
      And dance in the fire
        ©2004.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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