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Trust Your Vibes MP3 Song Download: Diving for Gold

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For some reason when Sonia started referring to the idea of Diving for Gold I got a strong hit about Ireland. In the search for the Inner Treasure one must take the hardest journey of all, into the depth of one's being. Perhaps I did so in many lives as a pirate, a seeker, an adventurer, an explorer...who knows...but that image struck me strongly, and true to my agreement with the creative forces, I run with the first image that comes to me. So, to Ireland we went...sort of.

Looking into the heart requires a key of F. This necessitates drive and courage and tenacity so I stuck all of the verses in the major expression of F. When it got to the chorus, however, I went to the minor because this is the entrance into the heart to seek and find and reclaim the personal mystery that has been so elusive for so many for so long. 

There is something ancient about Celtic music as it has scales and intervals that harken back to ancient times. It is not an infrequent element that this music causes one to go into a is personal. That remembering that is sparked by the music is critical, especially when one follows it to the Source. Take the journey. Let the song set a course through you and into you. Ride along and wait for the will come when you feel lost and ready to give up, for that is the most powerful place when the resistance has shattered and you are finally open again, after such a long. long time. 

...ah, the mystery's been calling in whispers and words...within my heart are those answers...there I'm diving for gold...

I’ve been searching for a lifetime
For just who I Am
I’ve had such great adventures
O’er the oceans and lands
But the treasure I am seeking
Has yet to be found
So I’m turning within
To my heart am I bound
         Ah, the mystery’s been calling
         In whispers and words
         But to people and places
         I always have turned
         I’ll take just one more
         Grand journey ere I grow old
         Within my heart are Those answers
         There I’m diving for gold
        ©2004.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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