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Trust Your Vibes MP3 Song Download: If I Weren't Afraid

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Fear is such a pervasive and invasive element in current life for so many. Fear is perpetuated and manipulated to keep the masses in a state of hesitation and helplessness and control...I believe. What has happened is that many do not live fully because of the feelings that life will not work out or that something bad might happen. So, be it...

These times are about transparency, seeing things for what they are. Honestly, there is little to really be afraid of. Most are learned projections that we continue to buy into. In fact, fear fades when facts are faced. Fear has been said to be false evidence appearing real. And the fearful state and one's addiction to being there was a significant roadblock to accessing one's intuitive capacities. So, in the work with Sonia in the workshops and trainings, the elephant in the room had to be addressed.

Now, in the typical flow of the way we worked together, there would be times when she would talk and teach. There would be times when I would listen to her and provide a musical bed through which we both danced with the energy, thus amplifying the experience and vibration of the listeners. And there were times when I would provide musical background while a particular activity took place. Usually during these times, I would do my best to get out of the way and let the music just reveal itself. My guitar noodlings often ended up being future songs. And that is what happened with this one.

The song is in B flat...a curious key for the topic...just below the crown and just above the third eye...right about where the Pineal Gland is located...yes, the Master Gland. The guidance suggested that fear would impact that gland which would then impact the rest of the glands and thus influence each chakra. This would mean that fear had the capacity to subtly and significantly immobilize one's system...which it has done for so many so very often. 

Rather than tell people to not be afraid, this song had to be more gentle, offering reason for someone to step across the illusory land that fear threw up in front of us. Once they crossed into the false evidence appearing real then they would be giving new information and an opportunity to make a new choice. Once the fear was revealed then the power over...was gone as well. This is how I approached the song...hopefully providing enough reasons to access the courage to step out.

There is a recurring interval of the fifth in the song. This is significant as the fifth is a regal sound that will lift the core up to unfettered expression, like the root to the throat opening allowing the actual expression of all the debris that holds the fear in place. Here is some information about that interval from my powerful and popular course, Music Healing for Musicians...

The interval of the Fifth is Empowering, centering, regal, providing sturdiness, comfort, completeness. It pulls the listener up and out. Useful in assisting the manifestation of potential or intention. Useful for invoking creativity and movement. The place where Heaven and Earth meet. It allows one to have a foot in both worlds, though leaning toward the spiritual. Common in Gregorian Chant.. Transports the listener between realms. Awaken feelings of the new being birthed. Lifts depression; balances earth and spirit; antibacterial, antiviral, and immune enhancing; balances heart, pituitary gland and releases opiate receptor sites; balances sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

All of this came into play in this song and still, it never resolves, but simply states over and over, "If I Weren't Afraid"'...just to motivate you. For in the end, you are the only one who can make the choices to leave your personal fear room. I support you in doing so. Step out, my friend, and rediscover the beautiful world and life that has always been there awaiting your new choices. Listen to this song over and over...use it when you feel fear. Use it when you are feeling fear about making a choice...make the choice for goodness sakes...and then see what happens! Why not?!

Oh I would be just who I AM
Here in this moment
I would stand I would Love
If I weren’t afraid
I’d follow what I dream inside
I’d rest my heart
I’d rest my mind
I would Love
If I weren’t afraid
      I would sing I would fly
      Face my fears with open eyes
      I wouldn’t turn away from you
      I’d be so strong
      I would feel and dance upon the sound of life
      I’d be flowing
      If I weren’t afraid
I’d ask for help I’d ask for more
I’d reach for stars I’d open doors
I would Love If I weren’t afraid
      If I weren’t afraid of life
      I’d laugh at troubles pain and strife
      I’d face the fierceness of the wind
      I’d draw my power from within
Oh I would be just who I AM
Here in this moment
I would stand
I would Love
If I weren’t afraid… 
       ©2004.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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