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Trust Your Vibes MP3 Song Download: It Doesn't Matter

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This is a very big message in a short little song. Worry is such a mental trap. The trouble is is that it activates any energetic debris to join the resistance and the manure of fear spreading over your personal lawn. Most of the elements of our life simply do not matter. We have been trained to be afraid and see the worst case, expecting just that, often despite evidence right in front of us to the contrary. OK...enough.

Why not take this moment...and fully live this moment...stop trying to figure it out...

Get out of your way...let this bouncy little tune in C do it for you. It is like dismantler...pulling the structure of your favorite worries down to leave with the beautiful opportunity to wander through the rubbish to find the grains of truth that will set you, do let those good vibrations come and sweep you away...they lurk...lie in waiting, for you to wake up. It really is as playful and reliable as this does not matter...

It doesn’t matter
It really doesn’t matter
All the things that I worry about
Why not take this moment
And fully live this moment
Stop trying to figure it out
And let the good vibrations
Come and sweep me away
Let it go let it flow
Here and now
    ©2004.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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