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Trust Your Vibes MP3 Song Download: Pray

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This song was written for a Unity of San Luis Obispo, California event of the hosting of poet, James Dillet Freeman, poet laureate of the Unity Movement. It was a title for one of the entries in his book, Prayer: The Master Key. It fit very well with Sonia's description of the power of prayer so I borrowed it from that project and recorded a version for Trust Your Vibes.

It is in the key of B, which is the Crown Chakra Key. Prayer is an openness to Celestial guidance which enters through the crown, as well as the back side of the head in line with the Pituitary Gland and through the Medulla Oblongata. 

The actual title is The Alphabet of Prayer... and it is just that, a trip through the alphabet. I take each letter and apply it to a form of prayer. The chorus stays in the major key and simply affirms that I pray, pray, pray and asks that Lord...please hear my prayers.It is a folk song, catchy, and easy to sing. It sings well in a group...and when we all sing the chorus, the energetic vibration rises and we enter a collective group prayer vibration that is quite cool.

Perhaps you can use this song to set the tone for your personal prayers, no matter the form. 

I pray at the altar
I pray when I breathe
I pray in the car
I pray in disease
I pray when I’m eating
I pray when I fall
I pray unto God
I pray down the hall
         I just pray, pray, pray
         I just pray, pray, pray
         Oh, Lord, hear me pray
I pray with intention
I pray with my jokes
I pray with my kindness, love
And when I emote
I pray when I’m needy
And when I’m OK
I pray for the people
I pray when I quake
I pray to relax
I pray when I sing
I pray with my tears
I pray to the unseen
I pray with my voting
I pray wishfully
Expectant and yearning
I pray A  to Z
     ©2004.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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