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Twelve Powers MP3 Download: Elimination

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Several years ago that Disney song, Let it Go, was sung by almost every young girl on the planet. It was perhaps, a Celestial tool to prepare us for this transformational time of actually letting go of so many ideas, patterns, institutions, beliefs, and woundings. Holding on simply creates resistance and stores the energies meant to be in motion. When energy is held back it stores until it reaches a critical mass...and then bursts forth in explosion. Sound familiar? Ever have a serious out of control experience that burst forth from your "normal" self? Yup...just as I thought.

We are not designed energetically or physically to hold on. All is in motion, oscillating at the subatomic level to be a malleable flowing force that keeps the machine running in tip top shape. That is, unless there is resistance and holding on and restriction and a whole lot of not paying attention. Sadly, that is how life is for most homo sapiens. Swallow the moving emotion and store it out of sight. Keep doing so until you perpetrate your own crime of passion. We must let go...release...move through and on. Or else...

This song in the emotional fear and joy based Sacral Chakra center key of D, is your prescription for staying clear and clean and in the flow. Our unexpressed energies are held in the chakra system contained in cell, tissue, and dimension. By design, each chakra serves as a dutiful caretaker until there is just too much for the safety of your organism. Then it releases. Emotion, especially fear and anger move...they must...or they will physicalize into a named dis-ease. Let go...the little girls sing out.

Yes, let go...lay it all down. Consciously choose to let go of pain, fear, anger, hatred, shame, guilt, beliefs....all of it. Doing so through tears and shaking and purposeful writing and activity and focused psychic exercises will result in a clearer, more flowing you. Life will soften and you will reacquaint yourself with your true design flow. Let go...of everything. I ain't gonna carry it no more....make your statement to the Cosmos and act on it. Over and over release the energetics of your last moment. Speak it out. Sing it our. Act it out. Safely...this song is your companion to the release. Sing it and let things go. Let your hands release as you sing. Act like you are tossing baggage, dropping hot ashes, dancing like a catnipped cat...

Enough sing on until you are Light again.
SONG LYRICS:  Elimination

I ain’t gonna carry that load no more
I ain’t gonna carry that load
Gonna take that pain
Lay it down, down, down, down
I ain’t gonna carry that load no more
I ain’t gonna carry that load
Gonna let go, gonna let go
     ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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