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Twelve Powers MP3 Download: Imagination

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Your imagination is your ticket to inner and outer cosmic travel and adventure. As an unlimited being on many levels there simply are few restrictions in the big picture. The first step of manifestation is intention. It is followed by imagining forms to put into action. Without imagination you are stuck in personal repetitive eddies that posture as comfort zones, or familiar prison cells. Know that formal education does much to restrict imagination and free thinking, preferring, historically to pour out a steady supply of worker bees to serve the greater good.

Ok, that is still a choice. Your responsibility is in your hands to grow your own imagination muscles. Look at your life and see where it needs an infusion of goodness. Quickly brainstorm a few actions and take them. Experience and adjust. Play with the world and activate fantasy to lift you out of routine and the same ol'. This song is a lilting flowing expression in the Third Eye key of A. The major seventh feel lightens it up and gives it wings. The only boundaries in our lives are actually self imposed. With free will as a dimensional given, we always have choice. Few are really encouraged to take it. Settling is a waste of precious time, of precious you. So stop doing it. Make up adventures and take them. Reflect and respond in different ways to the moment's form. Listen to the song to propel you beyond your own fences. Thriving is a choice you can make...imagine that. Please is firmly in your hands, this life of substance.

Now, go make manifest the formless...over and over and over. Be powerful beyond your wildest dreams...yes!

My imagination truly opens Up the world
It takes away the limits
Held by space and time
Fantasy and dreams they let me
Sail beyond the boundaries
I explore the Universal Mind
With my will and power
I can manifest the formless
Into Life
   ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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