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Twelve Powers MP3 Download: Life

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Life is not a stagnant force unless you choose to make it so. It is in constant motion, oscillating around the bend and back, up and down, in and out. It cannot sit matter how hard you try. This song in Cm is Jewish/Greek influenced chant that forces you to get on with living. Do what gives you life. Yes, you know what that is...of course...sure it might be the very thing you are still afraid to do. Oh crap! Choice time. How do you want to live, precious one? Guess a career window shopper can be fun...sort of. In your hands...just like all of these twelve powers are. You accessing your design core and giving permission to flow forth in all your glory. 

You are given moments, one after another, as long as you want...they are yours to do what you want with. So...what will you do? No right answer here...what will you do? make a list of what defines living fully to you. Here you have desired actions to take. DO NOT HESITATE! Take them into action. Do them all.. Over and over and then make new lists. Keep going...keep living.

Choose the path of living...choose what sets you free. Sing and dance this song. Let it kick you into the next action. Rest when you need to. Then jump out of bed into the waiting arms of the living flow. That is what you signed up for. You incarnated to live....not to look at the clouds from the inside. Be a willing participant. Make and take actions. Even do a trust walk where you respond and dance with the whatever shows up. Dance your way back into trust. Why not. I do what gives me life...Ohpah!!!


I do what gives me life
I do what gives me life
I do what gives me life
Hey, hey

In these moments I am given
In situations called to me
I now choose the path of living
I now choose what sets me free
      ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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