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Twelve Powers MP3 Download: Love

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Esoteric perspective claims that we are designed in the frequency of Love, the big kind. It is not so much as seeking love from the outside but more of releasing if from the inside to amplify our moments of living. The vibration of Love is reciprocal. What is given returns in some form. There is a movement to maintain balance. What has been lost in much of the human historical perspective is that love is a living force that is magnetic. We draw love to us in direct proportion to how much we carry within and release freely into the outer, wherever we are. 

This song, in the heart key of F, invites us to become willing participants once again in the reciprocity of love in action. Love flows and feeds and nourishes...unless it is restricted and cut off. But even then, it will find a new channel in a relatively short time. Even the coldest heart can be made anew by the warmth of honest Love. Our child self must be matter what. Love in action is what is called for. We are not suggesting the application of our version of what love is (based too often on personal woundings) but rather, an open exploration of choosing compassion and caring and empathy and listening and touch and tenderness. Be Love...see Love. Simple.

Use this song with the sweet sounding major seventh sound to activate both your heart chakras to spill out in all you think, say, or do. Just love...and see what happens. Commit yourself to Love... You will be eventually delighted...guaranteed.


Release the Love I Am Inside
And Love returns to feed My life
Give to get
From me to you
Love all beings this I must do
Let go of resentment
Prejudices too
Accept the many differences
None I shall exclude
I now commit my life to Love

      ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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