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A single breath then a single cry
Open hands then open eyes
Slipping into life, hello world
Move an arm, then move a leg
Bit by bit, day by day
Crawl, stand, walk
through the world
         As seed must come before the sprout
         As breath must come before the shout
         As food precedes the smallest growth
         Belief must come before the oath
         As will prepares the hand to move
         Awareness brings the self improved
         As this Universe unfolds
         Ah, so do I
Step by step, A to B
Everything, yes, you and me
Traveling this path, so Divine
Never doubting, facing fear
Trusting process, staying clear
Life, is what it is, so Divine
Let me follow what I know is mine
Let me follow what I Am inside

       ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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