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Twelve Powers MP3 Download: Power

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For far too long power has been seen as a commodity that needs to be possessed at high cost. People fight to gain it in any way they can, stealing it from others. That kind of power falsely gives one inflated self worth. In this kind of world power moves, going from one to another. Live by the sword and die by the sword. OK...enough of that.

New perspectives of power, as set forth in this pulsing pushing G based tune, calls for an even flowing exchange of the infinite power resource. From our own personal power circle we integrate into life and share with all the other powerful ones. There is no need to gobble up from others as the force itself is inexhaustible. 

This new power is reusable and flows from Source to constantly seed and feed our own I am Self in action. Reclaim your own inner knowing of your design and live always from that frequency in thought, deed, and word. Wash that power in Love and see how expansive and cooperative the forms of your own moments become. No more need for envy or possessiveness or jealousy for there is always plenty to go around...imagine that. And then live as if to enter that flow.


From this moment I Am free
To use this Power given me
To master body sense and mind
The I AM That I Am aligns
Power through my words
Power through my deeds
Power through my thoughts within
Power flow through me

   ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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