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Twelve Powers MP3 Download: Will

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Though will is an actual Solar Plexus theme where one puts ideas into motion through choice and action, there is also the bigger element of the will of God through each of us. This is tricky ground. It can easily be manipulated to justify lower frequency decisions saying I was doing God's will...feeble excuses. The Will of God is a device that is useful to keep our frequency high and to develop trust muscles that are propelled by faith full knowings. What?

According to the New Thought hot off the press news, you are God, my actual living unique expression of Source. So, in actuality, whatever you do is in alignment with that will of God...even crappy stuff. You are your own witness to your actions, your own judge and jury. You and I are designed to monitor ourselves into remembering the expansive truth of who we are. Of course, in this Earth plane there will be stumbles and skinned knees and faux paus and WTFs. That is the journey. 

We just keep moving forward in faith, blind as it may be, until we activate the knowing. That is the point where we surrender to the flow and become the knowing God I Am in action. This is the land of Big Love where we nurture life on all levels and in all of its forms. 

How to get there? This song in the Crown Chakra key of B is a tool to keep reminding you to get out of your own way. Your guidance invites you to trust the first thought/impulse and take action. This will surely lead to the next. On and on you go developing your capacity to let go of all to enjoy and fully participate in the ride of your life. Let this gentle folk song be a companion to your journey...oh...oh...oh..


I surrender, give up control
To the Will of God
All my actions
Flow most freely
From the will of God
Oh, oh, oh
      ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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