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Twelve Powers MP3 Download: Wisdom

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This is a repetitive chant that slowly pulses to activate the Christ Light center of your heart. It calls you into being able to see things clearly as if for the first time so that you can reclaim your accuracy. Wisdom is learned, though by design, we all carry all the information we would ever need to have a grand eternal experience in oh so many flavors. The challenge is that, upon incarnating, we inherited the forgetfulness that precipitates the life journey of remembering. This has been humans up until these times. New generations are entering with the pockets full of sustained wisdom to take immediate conscious action to facilitate a timely transformation. Really?...yes...

Wisdom comes though conscious action, being able to weed through the debris to discern the gold and silver and kernals of truth. Most are not taught to do so. We are directed to mostly take what we are given, feel limited, and take the lonesome journey of getting good enough to be somebody...yuk! Enough of trying to finally become enough.

Call upon your existing resources and use them to remember the wisdom that you have always carried. This song in E is action oriented...a sustained action that leads to expansive results. When one aligns with the heart then the moment's light is revealed to guide you in ways and means that elevate and sustain greatness. So, consciously align, my friend. The way to make it happen is to make it happen. Attention to the heart before a decision is made. Attention to the heart before an action is taken...after the action is taken. The heart is the new kind. Your new root center that is the unification of heaven and earth. Do it...over and over and over...and then again. Heart first...mind later. Let the mind become the loyal companion to the heart. That is being spiritually smart...yeah, yeah...

Filled with the Christ Light
I discriminate
Between the world’s Illusions
And that which resonates
Blessed intuition
Wisdom through the heart
Guide me through my Moments
Keep me spiritually smart
Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah

     ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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