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Twelve Powers MP3 Download: Zeal

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There was a commercial for Volkswagon on TV where the car turned down a street and everything aligned in harmonious and unified rhythm. It had the beat and melodic theme of the song, Zeal. It was delicious and thus, too hard to pass on, so I borrowed it for eternity. Unity Church founder, Charles Fillmore, talked about living with zeal and enthusiasm in his moments, bursting forth with sizzle to seize that moment fully and ride it like a it. 

We have the capacity and the ever present choice to do so. We can turn anything into something, lifting it from the doldrums into the mighty expanse with the turn of a thought. Riding high on the wa-a-aves of life is what is called for here. We are equipped for pleasure and for unabashed abandon in the current now. It can be like a switch turning on.

This bouncy tune is in G as it must be sung out loud. This is my moment to fly. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...just move out as if your are on top of the world without a care in the world...because, in truth, you are. That is your design. And when you choose to claim it, you will go dancing down the street in harmony with the everything and the all that the groove. Put this song on and walk the beat. Get playful and remember what it was like to be a kid who did not care a bit about anything but that feeling of the unfettered now. Go there and incorporate it into your garden of doldrums. But be warned, it will kill all of those weeds and leave you with a motor that runs perpetually. Can you handle it? Man...this is livin'...I'm lovin' this life.


I’m in the groove
I got the zeal
I got enthusiasm
I’m ridin’ high upon this
Wa-a-ave of life
I’m gonna run with it
I’m gonna play with it
I’m ridin’ high upon this
Wave of life

Hey, hey, hey, hey
This is my moment
My moment to fly
Hey, hey, hey hey
Man this is livin’
I’m lovin’ this life
    ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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