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Unimaginable Me Song MP3 Download

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ABOUT THIS SONG (taken from the song description in the heart's Desire CD)

At this juncture of the incarnational journey most are unaware of their true design and their potential as a spiritual being living in the physical body. It just is still unimaginable...or so it seemed. This uplifting chant song is designed to reacquaint you with your true design and lift it out of the realm of unbelievable, get there I invite you to play this song a lot and let the old ways and thoughts and thoughts crack and fall away as they may. Is it that easy to reclaim my own I Am That I these magical spirit infused transformational days...yes!

It is in your hands now. Sing it...yes, sing it...over and over and over...and start it till you know...till it sings you. Ignite your imagination once again to make manifest the truth of you in this current world....imagine that!

More than the wishes
More than the dreams
More than what’s ever been
More than I see

More than the knowing
More than beliefs
More than the longings
This is me

And I am free to fly
Across this Universe
I Am free to live my destiny
I am free to laugh at
I Am free to be eternally
Unimaginable me

1999. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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