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Wake Up CD

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When author James Redfield published the book, The Celestine Prophecy, fundamental New Thought principles known to devoted New Agers suddenly became common to people outside of that movement. As such, there was a growing awakening to higher frequency that was growing across the world. I took the nine principles of the book and turned them into song. Each song is an expression of a real Cosmic tenet that comes through the varied musical accompaniment. Though it represented a particular time that was the beginning of the 25 year profound cycle of energetic change that culminated in 2012, the songs are still quite relevant and inspiring, especially to those just waking up. I invite you to open to the deeper principles that seed the greater changes that have manifested since the opening strains of 1987’s Harmonic Convergence.
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1. The Prophecy Celestine
2. Yearning
3. Stroll Through Time
4. Energy
5. Power
6. Give In, Give Out
7. The Party
8. Wake Up
9. Focus
10. All This Time
11. The Call
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01 The Prophecy Celestine

02 Yearning

03 Stroll Through Time

04 Energy

05 Power

06 Give In Give Out

07 The Party

08 Wake Up

09 Focus

10 All This Time

11 The Call