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Wake Up MP3 Song Download: Energy

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At some point we wake up to all that we did not know we knew. Tons of tid-bits just under the surface, swimming with the fishes of knowing, implants in the cells, in the tissues...time capsules that waited patiently as long as they could. The Truth is blossoming forth with each cellular burst triggered by a coded word, a song, a Celestial with it, are made of vibrating energy...period. Sure it aligns in a way that feels like substance, like form, that looks back to you in the mirror, that dresses up nicely, that writhes in passion, squirms in pain, dances in delight, dazzles with talent....

Yes, energy...everything. And that energy is accessible 24/7. You oscillate at a frequency that is unique to you...yes, nothing else like it in the Infinite Cosmos...sure, some are close to that frequency, and you know it when they are around: you either purr, or you crawl out of your skin. You either vibrate in your frequency of Wholeness, or you don't. Life affirms you, and if you listen and give back in kind, and claim the unknown showing up as you in this eternal Now...then you dance and sing and smile and giggle...and, when you do not, you are resisting. The Cosmos rushes in, calling for reinforcements, to shatter the Comfort Zone...but you are armed with Free Choice, and you often use your Lifeline to keep life out...organized religion would be so proud...

Energy...yes, nothing more...nothing less. Universal Law tells you how much you can impact and regulate and yes, control, that energy. If you are ready to learn how,,,then be open to this song. Listen to the foundational song with your whole body. Let the Earth key wash through and all, endlessly...listen until you surrender the resistance, until you no longer see boundaries, or separation, or defenses. Then you are ready to turn your focus within to catch the pearls of wisdom birthing in your cells, rushing to see your consciousness with the, yeah, I remember that! And when you turn that focus, the revelations sweep through like a mighty wave, and you surf the leading edge doesn't matter. You are a constant force...unfolding.

Nothing seen is as it seems....go deep within go in-between...shift the focus, the Truth with open eyes....yes, open eyes. Are you ready? You must be...otherwise you would not be here reading this stuff! 

      Energy, flow through me
      Energy, endlessly
The pulse of Heaven
The wave of Life
The dance of particles
Through boundless Space and time
      Energy, everything
      Energy, can be seen
A song of Light and Love
A breath of God
A field of sight and sound To build the once upon
      Nothing seen is as it seems
      Go deep within go in between
      Shift the focus, synchronize
      Be the Truth with open eyes
Between all forms of Life
Expectations can bend And shape the Living Light
Energy, alchemy
Energy, energy

             © 1994.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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