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Wake Up MP3 Song Download: Focus

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In so many ways we have been taught only what we are not, sent down some rabbit hole filled with ancient relics of what we have truly never been...while all the while the truth of who we are lies just below the surface of our everyday awareness, on the tip of our tongue, like that mystery that shows up in our peripheral vision...only to disappear when we turn to it.

What do you focus on, my friend? Deep within my body lies the mystery of me...have you been taught to go within to seek the treasure? Do you even know what you are looking for? Of course you do...well, sort of. We kinda have to be redirected by our own Higher Self before the Light goes on, the bell rings, and the "Ah-ha!" slips out of our mouth, agape.

This bouncy tune in D7 is a song full of perpetual tension, rolling along like all is well, when really, in the underbelly of you and me, lies the misinformation festering, eating tissue, robbing vital energy and inner resources to sustain its smokescreen. Universal Law says what we focus upon is bound by Law to manifest for as long as we continue to focus on it. How do you see yourself? Your body? Your health? Your longevity? Your eternality? Perhaps that is in need of adjustment.

Let the song do it. That is why I wrote it. Each listen peels the veil back. Maybe it will be seven successive listens before you see the precious little child playing in the spacious and garden-like field. When you do, then go to her. Tell him that you are happy to see him again. Reach out your hand and ask her to walk with you. She will certainly accept. For he has been waiting for the longest time... deeper, deeper let it go, darkness into Light, courage now it has to be, Oneness now in sight, threshold of Eternity, beckons from the fog, open and step right into, the Heart and Soul of God....yes, welcome home. This is what your focus can do...just have to point it in the right direction. Now, go play...

From deep within my body Calls the history of me
Begging for expression Always seeking clarity
A puzzle made in Heaven Played out right here on Earth
My dance of evolution Started long before my birth
A daily dose of progress As I shift one paradigm
Recovering my Holy Self One cell at a time
Listen to my body Focus on one point
Bypass all analysis Release the Wonder Boy
Tune into sensations Amidst the worldly noise
Listen with a new intent Your birthright here is joy
Every single tingle A message and a clue
It doesn’t take much effort, friend Your bod knows what to do
Let your father off the hook Let your mother be
They did the best that They could do
You chose it won’t you see?
Freedom comes in buckets
Like those blessed days of rain
Focus here, focus there
Eradicate the pain
      Deeper, deeper let it go
      Darkness into Light
      Courage friend, it has to be
      Oneness now in sight
      Threshold of Eternity
      Beckons from the fog
      Focus and step right into
      The Heart and Soul of God
No one here needs cancers To remind us why we’ve come
No one needs leukemia MS or swollen gums
Disease brings awareness I cannot deny this Truth
But c’mon we know better God lives in me and you
We’re living in a golden time We’re crossing every line
We’re on the brink of Paradise We’re leaving doubt behind
Focus on what’s happening Focus on the Voice
Focus on Holiness Focus on the choice
Deeper, deeper let it go
Darkness into Light
Courage friend, it has to be
Oneness now in sight
Threshold of Eternity
Beckons from the fog
Focus and step right into
The Heart and Soul of God

                © 1994.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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