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Wake Up MP3 Song Download: Power

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I learned about power as a little boy. I would carefully set up the 100 green army men on the hillside cliff. Then I would gather rocks and dirt clods and bomb the living s**t out of them until they were all in a heap at the bottom of that 4 foot cliff.

I learned about another kind of power when it was used against me by the very same army men in the flesh who did the things they did to me. And me, in my infinite wisdom, before I started to go to the Catholic Mission in San Miguel, California, knew exactly what to do to reclaim my power from them: make believe with unabashed passion and action...funny, how life delivers...over and over. It's like poison oak because the plant antidote to the itch is right in the vicinity of the PO...nicely done, Source...appreciate that.

Children start off powerless in the physical realm...they remember everything about themselves and the Truth, and yet have no means to express it. Most are diverted so they don't remember the real deal...but some are able to contain that knowing, and tuck it away in that little inner treasure chest for when they need it. Artists, musicians, writers, philosophers to some degree, teachers to some degree...they have a knowing about the treasure chests and in the intimacy of their personal creations. They bring it out and set it on the table, opening it and reaching in for the just right tool....but, really, we all have it. Many of us find it just too hard and painful to remember. There is too much debris for any of it to make sense. They would rather stay ignorant, uninformed, distracted,'s much safer they say/think...well now, is it?

Society teaches that power is a commodity, a finite amount of strength that is possessed by the mighty, the ones in the know, the ones born into privilege. What a laugher! But we believe it and succumb until we don't...when we wake up to the knowing that power is a Universal force available in equal amounts to all creatures. And then things change.

This song is in the Power Center key of E. It dwells in the Solar Plexus and rocks its way into remembering true power. Listen and feel the losses, and the reawakenings, and the reawakening. Let it does so by repetition. Let your wounds fall to the ground during and after each listen. Listen over and over, and do this until you feel a balance right there in the middle belly. It is energy...

Regulate your energy, and recognize when you need to call upon inner and outer resources to maintain your frequency. Learn how to set boundaries, and how to modulate your field based on circumstance...but how, you wonder. Start here, my friend, and learn about power and what it really is. Then trust that your guidance will bring you all you need to fully integrate it...becoming powerful is a choice. There is an old way that continues to play out—see corporations, military, politics, social groups, families, relationships—and there is a new way. Draw your own circle of power and stand there, knowing that
Now listen you’ve got something That I need
You could say I’m stealing You might call it greed
But there’s just not enough of it To go around
I want control and I want it now
I need more and more so I can Strut and thrive
It’s competition Only one survives
Power hungry, power mad
I take what I want It’s up for grabs
Manipulation is my middle name
I do conflict, It’s my favorite game
I feel strong and tough When I can dominate
In a struggle for power I don’t hesitate
My gut feels knotted, My mouth is dry
It’s a genuine rush, It’s a gnarly ride
Power hungry, power mad
I take what I want It’s up for grabs
     Back and forth The energy rolls
     Push, pull, to and fro
     Me or you, what’s to gain?
     Sometimes it feels so, So insane
I tell you the truth, I’m totally scared
If I don’t control I feel lost I swear
I’d like to stop this cycle Find a loving way
Not have to defend just be OK
Is there a way I can trust A way to believe?
That people aren’t there To take my soul from me
Is there power for One? Power for all?
Can we live together, Not live like dogs?

             © 1994.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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