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Wake Up MP3 Song Download: The Prophecy Celestine

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After the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, that pivotal Celestial/Earth event that activated the Earth meridian energetic grid, things started to move quickly. With the additional activation of the World Peace Meditation that showed such powerful results in 1989 with the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and the dramatic shift of Apartheid in South Africa, there became known that something special was afoot, seemingly beyond human hands alone. And indeed there, that period of time, was a fertile period of new information and energies. Channels were all over California sharing the insights from the Etheric Beings they had speaking through them. It was all about waking up to the expanded reality, far beyond what had been for both humanity and for the Earth.

In 1994, James Redfield published the book, The Celestine Prophecy, complete with its nine keys, or insights, that were to serve as a public pathway to becoming the expanded human. For those on the path, all of this was common knowledge, placed in an OK story...but to the uninitiated this was the perfect vehicle to shift the attention away from believing we were less than.

This song was the opening salvo, the call to arms, to those who were just beginning to wake. In the root chakra foundational key of C, which addresses survival and getting needs met, The Prophecy Celestine ignites and stirs, purposefully. The cells have been waiting for just such a call to activate the deeper and more expanded truth of you and of me. This is a moving song that pulses the new vibration, and addresses the inner questions that were becoming a part of hushed conversations at first.

What really was happening was that the 1987 event had initiated the 25 year cycle of exponential energetic infusion from the Galactic Center into the Earth dimension and all of her inhabitants. The ramping up had begun by the time Redfield's book came to print. Things began to happen at an increasing pace. It was the long promised birth of the Human Divine, the deeper design we all carry, not the patterned, indoctrinated version that had been inserted for over 2000 years in incarnation after incarnation during the now concluding Piscean Age. 

I wrote this song to push you into listening...first to what the song was offering on many levels, and secondly to the inner response that was yours alone. That would be the vehicle to kick you into action. If you are new to this, it is not too late to wake. Many arrive at the place of remembering in their own time. Know that you are served mightily energetically by your support beings...whether you choose to believe or not. deeper connection, intimacy, in this time of the Celestine...

Gather around, seekers of Light
I’ve good news to share with thee
Open your hearts, Open your minds
Let your beliefs go free
Have you been restless, and ready for change?
Have you felt something unseen
Seek you adventure, beyond what you dream
In the Prophecy Celestine
9 are the keys For you and for me
To enter this golden time
Surrender control Fully unfold
The birth of the human Divine
Insight to insight Courageously go
Freed from the social machine
A world built from Spirit So Holy so clean
In this time of the Celestine
We are all poised To drink in the joys
And bask in the what we are
Etheric Beings, forces unseen
Bless us from near and from far
The day is at hand when The world sings as one
When brotherly Love is routine
Deeper connection, intimacy
Says the Prophecy Celestine

            © 1994.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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