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Wake Up MP3 Song Download: Wake Up

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How long has it been? How long have you kept turning away from the magnificent one calling you? How long have you played like you you were asleep? When I was a boy, I used to play a game with my parents. When they came home and I was supposed to be in bed, I usually was not...cats away, mice will play kind of thing...I would hear them coming in and rush to my bed and act like I was asleep. My step father would stand over me and listen to my breathing...then we would say to my Mother, "he's awake"...dang! busted!

Innocent, yes...but I was faking it. It is really hard to fake the Cosmos. Our elaborate schemes only truly serve to fool ourselves. Over and over. And, honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. For lifetime after lifetime, we have danced between waking up and fooling ourselves. Little by little we have spiraled towards this pivotal lifetime when, in a Celestial decree of tough love, the whole of humanity had the light turned on. Everybody out of bed...Now!

This song in G has an ancient melody motif in it, the invasive minor pentatonic scale that just invades the heart area and forces one to remember...something. And, often that is enough to stir the pot and move the precious one towards that waking up moment. For so long we have faked it, dancing around the powerful and truthful expression of us...waiting to be rescued, waiting to be seen. The paradox was, that until we took that step to be seen, we would not be matter how much we wanted it to be otherwise. This Universe is not a hand out. It has invited the best of the Cosmos, you and me, to show up here and forget everything about who you are. Then the real games begin. You, oh mighty one, have to remember who you are, remember what you have forgotten by virtue of your choice to enter. Talk about Celestial entertainment...and yes, you have done it so many times...just like all of us.

So, wake up...and let's finally experience and enjoy this wonderland consciously, all of us at the same time...imagine that as you listen to this eight minute song over and over. Each listen triggers a deeper awakening. Remember...wake up little one...remember...wake up, master...wake up.
Wake up You have been sleeping
Waiting For Light to fall
Longing For something better
Slaving To have it all
Did you listen to your heart?
It beckoned time and time again
And did you hear Your Essence call?
As you stand out in the field
Arms reaching for the sun
In an endless moment Surrender
And have it all
Wake up You have been sleeping
Dreaming Your time away
Fearful Of the movement
Clinging To yesterday
Have you listened to your heart?
It beckons time and time again
Did you hear your Essence call?
As you stand out in the field
Arms are reaching for the sun
In an endless moment
Surrender And have it all
Wake up You have been sleeping
Open Those willing eyes
Heaven Lies within you
No more Compromise
Won’t you listen to your heart
It beckons time and time again
Won’t you hear Your Essence call?
Go and stand out in the field
Reach up toward the sun
In an endless moment
Surrender And have it all

               © 1994.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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