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Wake Up MP3 Song Download: Yearning

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I remember that in this time from '87-'94, anticipation, a wide-eyed wonder that something was about to happen. Sure, I was already open to much of the information and perspectives that were becoming more common because of a lifetime of growing exposure, personal research, working through my own woundings, and carryover from previous incarnations...but at the same time, this was all so new. Because we had never felt it this way, we had never felt like things were happening so quickly, never felt so familiar and trusting of the new insights of the time,

People seemed familiar. New meetings felt relevant and filled with the possibility of something important happening. Strangers felt more connected. We woke up more often with a sense that something was going to happen today that was going to be unlike ever before. And often, they did, but not in a mind-blowing way, more like an "I knew it!" Validations they were, for being open to something profound unfolding. The times were rich. I really felt like I was a part of something that I just could not explain. everybody hear the voice, everybody make the choice, everybody now it's release and realign...the Universe is handing us the Truth.

The song is in the minor of the Sacral Chakra. It takes the juice of life, and seeds it with the inward motion of the Holy, the Divine, like the seeding of self with the kernels of the Celestial Truth...a little bit at a time. Each verse expands the mystery, stemming from those feelings that just keep amplifying the yearning which, according to Principle, increases the magnetic pull for more of it to make manifest. Then it bursts forth with a statement, a call, a directive that all is well, and part of a powerful wave meant for all, but currently heard and felt by you. It makes you essential to the big unfoldment...even though you have no idea of what to do...which then draws more out of you, pulling the deeper knowing to the surface, where you are met with the choice to jump in, dive in, not knowing a thing...except this yearning that keeps rising out of somewhere within...  

Even if you have walked this road and now stand as a prominent Lightworker, listen to this song. Listen over and it can activate something deeper. Let the yearning grow again, let it blossom to let you stand on the precipice again, where nothing makes sense, yet you know it all is true. Every movement towards the Light precipitates a healing pulse to every other being in the plane. We are helping one another, jump-starting the masses who, as yet, have no clue what the discomfort is, or means. Do your work. Listen to this song and let it wash the cells....there is much more that is just around the bend...
I don’t know why But I keep feeling like I’ve Seen you before
There’s something happening Within and I just cannot ignore
I was so quiet I used to be content
But now I’m yearning, yearning
For what?...I don’t know
What a coincidence that I Am standing here with you
So much in common but so Much that feels so very Brand new
There’s something happening Beyond what I can see
And now I’m yearning Yearning to grow
I want more
Somehow this doesn’t feel Like it’s an accident
I can’t explain it but my heart And my life are different
The more I’m open The more that I can see
And now I’m learning, learning
To flow...I want more
Beneath the sensible I know There’s a pulse calling me
You say you feel it too There must be others I know 16
If every body knew there’s So much more to life
They would be turning, turning
To the score

Everybody hear the Voice
Everybody make the choice
Everybody now is time
To release and realign
The Universe is handing us
The Truth
Be open, trusting of these Moments that come into life
Pay close attention to the people Who keep passing right by
There’s so much wisdom in what Seems common place
All this learning, learning,
Learning in these times

             © 1994.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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