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We Can Change the World Song MP3 Download

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Tell me about those neighbors
I am from third world land
The neighbors from the near and far
Who care and understand
Though my people live in poverty
In hunger and disease
We do not seek a handout
It’s training that we need
I have heard that they will share
Work within our towns
Teach new ways to feed ourselves
Make fertile, barren ground
Help improve conditions
That have been beyond our reach
Leave us with our dignity
And skills we too can teach
     So we send our prayers
     Upon the wind
     To the people of all lands
     We call upon our neighbors
     To take our reaching hands
     Send the ones with knowledge
     With Love and simple tools
     And by the Grace of God we’ll rise
     To turn this world we knew
     Around, around
Neighbor helping neighbor
Is such a gentle thought
Through this I see
The peace can come
The one this world has sought
I see self sufficient nations
Living freely ‘neath the sun
What started as World Neighbors
Can spread to everyone

 © 1992. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.

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