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Youth Empowerment Resources: We Circle Around CD Complete MP3 Download

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For as long as humans have peopled this Earth there has been dance. When you dance your body cleanses, emotions flow, you exercise, you celebrate, and you connect. Many cultures have formal dances that address the specific needs of the communities. In the 80’s there was a spinoff of Sufi Spiritual Dancing called Dances of Universal Peace. These community dances were based on spiritual mantras and chants from many traditions. Participants would dance as a group and also as partners in a circle in many repetitions of the songs. The repetitions cleared resistance and amplified the higher vibration that often prompted spiritual experiences and heart openings in individuals as well as the group. These 12 dances are set for use. There is an online booklet available when you buy the CD that will give steps and guitar chords for accompaniment.
Please remember that unless noted, all songs were previously released on another CD.

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1. BismillahIslamic
2. Gate GateBuddhist
3. Blessed Be*
4. Wa TahoNative American: Zuni
5. Heart Please Open*
6. Kuake Lano Lano MahoteNative American
7. One Another*
8. We Circle AroundNative American
9. Father/Mother*
10. GopalaHindu
11. God in Every Face*
12. Hey UnguaNative American: Chumash
13. I Can Tell*
14. You Are Beautiful*
15. Radhe BolHindu

Download dance support booklet at:
Http:// Empowerment/WeCircleAroundDanceBook5t6hj8.pdf
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