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I know I have used magical thinking a lot in my life. Making it up felt a lot better at times, better than what inner little boy has been strong, present, and impactful...ever since I freed him in the early 80's inner work I did do devotedly...freed him from taking care of me. In his delight and appreciation for giving him at least a taste of a happy childhood, he stayed close...we still talk almost every day in one way or another.

He likes words, likes to paint word pictures. He loved taking Latin in high school because it gave him a whole lot to play with...and now that writing is one of our main vocations and passions, we are both in a heavenly state much of the time...

One afternoon, he was pushing to write a song together. He wanted it playful. He wanted me to share what it was like to still have imagination and wonder. He wanted people to know you could be older and still have those child qualities alive and well..and still do what you gotta do.This was fun...let's play,whadda ya say?!

Catch me if you can we can run we can fly
We're bound for the stars let's sail let's glide
Here on this Earth we can stop we can choose
Hey what's there to win what's there to lose?
Whadda ya say? Hey hey

Let's ride on the moon make a path through the sky Look at the sun with our heart open wide
Dance with the Earth till she's not in the mood
Hey what's there to win what's there to lose
Whadda ya say

              Oh let’s play, hey, whadda ya say?

Let's dress like little bees sing the birdies lullabies Live in a rose not go home for awhile
Lift up the Earth for a ride in a balloon
Hey what's there to win what's there to lose
Whadda ya say? hey hey

Let's love one another like we never ever did before Love till we're full then love a little bit more
Save the sweet Earth and make it real soon
Hey what's there to win what's there to lose
Whadda ya say ?

© 1987. Mark Stanton Welch.
All Rights Reserved.

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