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Wise Child MP3 Song: Be Fair

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In these days of polarization and finding fault and laying blame in the name of Me First, fairness has been tossed aside. That is a colossal mistake. A child really knows what is up and can actually see both sides. They know when there is inequality or the deck is tipped to another's favor. It just does not fit well. In no time at all the child has lost faith in her brethren. The world becomes an unsafe place where survival by any means, often and especially, at another's expense is a primary lesson of the day. Sad.

A child benefits from getting the information...simply. They prefer inner balance to chaos. Their sensitivity to vibration coup[le with their mon active intuitive self leaves them pretty clear when they are being messed with and manipulated. Trust this idea and explore it.

Help them understand the decisions that impact them. Let them see both sides and discuss how the decision came to be. That is fairness. Make it a regular part of life and softens what we see so much of today: a bunch of adults whining about how life is not fair. Get clear and reactivate loving living that respects one another.

Use this simple loving song to discuss and understand fairness. Let it be a springboard in times when it just seems...unfair.


There’s one thing in this world
I know I must receive
Without it I feel hopeless
Betrayed, I feel deceived
All I ask, all I ask
Is just be fair
     Be fair to me
     Treat me like you’d treat
     Anybody else
     Be fair to me
     If I’m treated fairly
     I’ll know that you respect me
   ©2000. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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