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Wise Child MP3 Song: Eternal Soul

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Many Adults think that children are afraid of death and therefor must be assured that everything is OK. Fine...not necessarily so, however. Remember that the younger the child the closer they are to their recent arrival from Source domains. They really do know the big picture. And in these growing transformational times it is documented that new generations are arriving without the requirement to forget where they came from in order to walk in the human body. Simply not needed any more. These new generations can become your teacher, your reassure, if you will allow. Different times these are.

New kids know that they go on and on. This song was written to remind them, especially in homes where the adults still cling to alone and carry that collective fear of death. Play it. Sing it. Talk about it. 

 Enter into the active discussion of the Life eternal that dances in many forms throughout the Cosmos...if you are ready for some spirited chat, that is.


Into the physical Spirit descends
For lessons and creative times
When plans are complete
Then body is released
Soul does return to the Light
     And I go on and on
     The I that is me
     Living life after life
     I go on and on
     Eternal Soul never dies
     Me, I AM always alive
   ©2000. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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