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Wise Child MP3 Song: Language of Spirit

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Sonia calls it the language of spirit. She says it is subtle and requires a surrendered focus to access. And it is essential to build the trust and ongoing flow by responding and acting on it. I have not opened the places up yet that allow that kind of experience, but I have my own ways of connecting and finding insight and inspiration. I can trust my own inner voice to deliver answers to my questions. And I can act on them and adjust in ongoing acts of faith.

In some ways the Language of Spirit is what many New Ager's call positive speech. Words do have frequency. And you and I know that there are words spoken that can bring us down on many levels in a remarkably short time. And we also know there are words that elevate the vibratory level. Where do you choose to live?

It does come down to what Sonia calls, the vibes. Our thoughts, beliefs, and actions facilitate our vibes. We do have significant power over what we give our attention to. Go to the land of elevated I Am where smiles are common place and shouted and frantic "Oh NO's!, are rarely heard. Yes, you can create and maintain a balanced flow...if you choose. Start with the words that come out of your mouth. For your voice is an energetic command to the Cosmic to make manifest that which you claim. Get it?

Paint your own loving world from the inside out. Then live in it without hesitation. There is a language of spirit that you already know...use it without hesitation. In this song you can sing it into action...


There’s a language of Spirit
That paints a pure world
It gives it dimension and form
As it expresses I communicate
All the Truth that I tend to ignore
    Oh, I Am grounded I’m feeling wide open
    I’m here in the moment My guides are around me
    I’m dancing and rolling and flowing in all the Good Vibes
    Oh, the woolies are sliming around me
    I’m gonna shut down It’s a psychic attack
    The negative energy gobbles my field
    I’m shaking and quaking and aching from all the bad vibes
     The Language of Spirit
     Use it or create your own
     The Language of Spirit
     Reveal the unknown
     ©2000. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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