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Wise Child MP3 Song: Natural Plan

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Universal Love is quite real...if we allow it to be. There is a natural plan that is always in motion. We are designed to receive information and insight and input...if we are open. And that has historically been the issue. Living in what has been fabricated and molded into a fear based dimension, humans make living hard and challenging and stress filled. 

OK...we have got the down. Now, perhaps it is time to allow the natural plan to blossom, Why not? We can always slide back to the old ways and reclaim our familiar suffering. The song says, "This is a beautiful world". Do you see that? Or do you focus on what is wrong for you and for those you align with? is all a choice. We are born to be whole...tell the children that and then live to make it the Light way. Tell yourself that and live in the Higher Frequencies that you were made for. Universe is feeding us a natural plan...

Look into the heart to find the genuine Self...let the unseen show...indeed. Take that leap of faith and allow the truth of life to flow in, around, through, and out of you. Why not? Unify with that natural plan. Let this cute little song with the reggae beat and my daughters 7 year old voice bring you back to the knowing that is you in all ways. Sing and move and break down the self imposed barriers that keep you in a cycle of here we go again and again and again. it on...allow and embrace...the natural


Universe is feeding us a natural plan
Let Intuition flow
Looking in the heart find the genuine Self
Let the unseen show
              This is a beautiful world
              For our children to grow
              Teach them the truth of our being
              They are born to be whole
              You must tell them that
       ©2000. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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