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Wise Child MP3 Song: Sacred Space

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The Wise Child book is about massaging the natural psychic skills in the nurturing context of the the family. It addresses elements like home vibration. That is reflected in this short little singable song placed in a smooth Latin rhythm that easily invites movement. The space that is safe is all that is needed. Safety is built from idea and action and the proper energetically supportive stuff. Making the spiritual common place allows the child's inner knowing a playing field to safely develop. Talk about intuition and share how each member experiences it. This song is a perfect vehicle to build the family common vibration. Use it also as a conversation starter. Each line is worth discussing.

And smile...'cause all the icing on the cake. Intuition. Psychic. Common place. Acceptable and encouraged. Processed. All OK. 


I got a home
I got a family
This is something I must do
Integrate the Spiritual in all our affairs
Home in holy groove
Clarify the energy
Create a place to play
Make an alter bring in peace
Build the sacred space
Let sweet music swirl and swoon
Invite the plants to stay
Release fragrance breathe it in
Smile cause all OK
      ©2000. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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