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Wise Child MP3 Song: Simplify

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Life has become complex and seems to become more so as the days march on. Growing up in the 1950's was, obviously, a much different experience. It was slow and there was a simple feel about our world. Things developed and change was likely a process. Few things were instant. One was able to breathe and pay attention to the whole picture more. Nature was the place where on could witness simplicity in motion, even though the actual process of nature is quite complex. There simply wasn't the human made pressure to do. 

That is gone in a truly short span of some seventy years. Stress and pressure are paramount and a fairly constant distraction and deterrent to peaceful living. Sure, there are some good things about it...ummm...but, mostly it has a high cost on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being of you and me...a very high cost. 

One of the bigger costs was to become out of touch with our own design and the systems that are and always have been available to infuse the conscious life of flow. We have been taught to believe we have a short attention span. We have been taught that we just aren't enough. We have been taught to need the next thing. We have been taught what to believe and how to act, how to be, now not to be, how to fit in, how to fail, how to succeed...sort of...on and on we live in a 24/7 push to be something we just are not...yet.

Go out in nature...I dare you to...and you will not feel that pressure from the trees or the ocean or the deer grazing in the forest...unless you bring it with you. Social media has been misused to become a dumping ground where the personal litany of unexpressed frustrations and woundings can be dumped anonymously on anyone we choose. Love has become, for many, an afterthought or a commodity, or what you feel when you buy the next best thing....I suppose you get the point.

Simplify. Let go. Go within. Go without. Use the senses. Listen to the wind. Feel it on your face. The pressure turns off the intuitive receptors to a large degree. We loose interest in being our own best intuitive connector. We settle for boredom and buy into the short attention span. And we reach for the mouse to shoot up some Amazon or a hot take. The intuitive self is constantly active. It needs space in which to work so that we can inter dimensionally thrive. 

Quit the addiction to the next thing. Step away from texting and the screen and the the next notification. Return to your own inner capacity for entertainment. Grow your attention span. Stop focusing on what is wrong with life. Do your inner work. Simplify. Let go. Move on from the pointless debris that is such a major component of the manufactured life today. 

To simplify one must make the choice to do something different. Unless we look accurately at how we live we will not be able to facilitate our change for the better. It is not so much as better or worse because, as we know, that is debatable. It is about rediscovering that place of center within where life flows and the distractions disappear...where the senses expand to paint beautiful energetic pictures of what is really going on. It starts with a choice...clear out...clean out...step away...step into...find the beauty in the simplest things...start with Nature...and, please, for your sake...start 


I clean the closet well
I clean the old bookshelf
I throw the junk away
I do it all today
I’m going in to find
A peaceful, quiet time
I throw old thoughts away
I find a way to play
I stop and breathe a lot
I take a pleasant walk
I’m going in to find
A peaceful, quiet time
     I hear the rain on the roof, And it’s calling my name
     I’m starin’ at the fire, And the dancing flame
     I’ve turned off the tube and the tunes and the Mac       
     and the flak and the ball and the jack are gone
I read the kids a tale
We race a couple snails
We smile and laugh a lot
We don’t do diddly-squat
We feel so wonderful
We say it’s really cool
    ©2000. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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