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Wise Child MP3 Song: Trust What I Feel

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There is an obvious lack in the understanding of emotions for at least much of the civilized world. Lots of misinformation abounds and then each individual has their personal life experience journal regarding their basic emotions: joy, fear, anger, sadness, and grief. So much has been swallowed that too many have become numb to feeling anything. Then when they do, they have been directed to mask via medication, substance, or action. The result is mass disconnect with the feeling component, essentially, a profound mistrust is in place.

The human design includes the emotions, which in reality, are actually the juice of living. But when sequestered and denied and blamed for so very long they devolve into energetic time bombs that can explode when triggered. Not wanting to feel is a problem. It blocks the intuitive inner highways. It shuts down the conduits of spiritual understanding. It hijacks the mind and the flow of inspiration. Flat lining serves only to keep the status quo...the comfort zone. 

Trust what I feel. Things happen and I respond, or I react, if I have reservoirs of the unexpressed, the uncried, the unreleased. Reactions create reactions and often elicit consequences. This pulls one out of the open receptive state where intuition and psychic ability flourish. It follows that one must learn to feel. In doing so one learns what the emotions are, where they are found in the body, what they feel like when they are moving, and ways to safely facilitate that energy in motion to full release and reclaimed balance. 

The more you trust the more you can get into a perpetual the feelings that is. From where most stand, this is quite the task. But, it actually is a sequential process. There is a body wisdom that will teach you once you open the doors of trust when turning to the sensations of the emotions. You have to start somewhere...

This bouncy singable to is designed as a power wash for the resistance to emotional literacy. Just sing it and pay attention to your actual physical body responses. Notice. Then listen some more. At some point a greater awareness will reveal itself. That is your threshold to creating conscious relationship with this vital part of you. Use this song...please...for your sake.
SONG LYRICS:  Trust What I Feel

Things happen and I respond
Of this I am aware
Usually a feeling comes
Seems like from nowhere
I can ignore, I can deny
Try to think it through
All along the feelings try to
Tell me what is true
     Trust what I feel, I feel
     It is my wisdom talking to me
     Trust what I feel, it’s real
     As real as real can be

      ©2000. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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