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Wise Child MP3 Song: We Were Born

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ABOUT THIS SONG (taken from the Translucent You CD description)

I pulled this straight ahead rocker song from the previously recorded Wise Child CD to solidify the knowing acceptance of our psychic lineage. We are designed for the oh, so much more. At birth, we carry the essence of intuitive ability, ready for conscious application. If it is not nurtured and developed by family and culture then it becomes dormant. By then it is relegated to the gifted platform where the belief is that only special people can do it. With all due respect to Madam Cleo, this is simply not the case. Our intuitive and psychic capacity must simply be woken up and put into practice. Step one is to open the door to the idea that this is true.

Thus, this song is in the throat chakra key of G to give opportunity to voice and claim our whole design. Jump onto the roller coaster of I Am That I Am and go for the free ride to reclaim you on all levels. Once you have ridden enough to blast away the inner misinformation and misdirections you are free to take your hands off the rail to release into trust...from there it is an easy turn into life is is a roller coaster. 

Do you remember? You are more than you've allowed?...come on, remember...yes, remember! And allow...

We were born with intuition
We were born with desire
We were born to find Our very own way
We were born to rise above
Born to surpass
Born to love every day
We were born to want to know
Born to seek and find
Born to run and race with the wind
We were born to explore
Born to create
To drink life again and again
    Life is adventure
    Life is a roller coaster
    Raise those hands up high
    Take the curves and the hills
    And the thrills and the spills
    Go for the gusto
    Fly, fly, fly, fly
             ©1999.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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