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Wise Child MP3 Song: Wise Child

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I have been a proponent of and personal practitioner of Inner Child work to reclaim an inner balance. It began with the TA work of Eric Berne and progressed into the John Bradshaw AA perspective  and evolved into the Inner Child two way communication work of my landlady, author Lucia Capacchione. I found that I was able to get something from each on my journey to parent and nurture my own wounded child, but it wasn't until I accessed Lucia's capacity to interface with the child self beyond the traditional emotions and physical body sensations that my own experience blossomed. When I was able to actually dialogue with my little boy, things began to lift and clear quickly Journaling and the on-dominant handwriting exercises helped to develop a functional relationship with him that has paid many dividends. 

Why do I share this? Because my personal learnings were foundational when Sonia Choquette published, Wise Child,  and I began focusing on the main elements of that book to create the companion music. The idea that the Inner Child is an element of one's intuitive and psychic palette intrigued me and added a dimension to the scope of any honest Inner Child relationship work. 

In this title cut, Wise Child, I simply wanted to establish the groundwork of identifying and consciously choosing to create relationship with that element of our expanded I Am Self. It sets up a journey sharing first what it is, then how to notice and interface, and then the result of that work once you do so. Constant companions you become, experiencing life together in ways beyond what the isolated self did before opening to these greater truths. 

In essence, this song invites us to become the playful child once again, as the adult self joins right in. In the middle section I even recorded my own 7 year old daughter, Gabriela, to sing it. Nothing like the authentic sound of the real child serenading your own inner child self...kind of transcends the mind and targets the heart. The song is bouncy and playful and has 3 sections, so it matures towards the outgoing chorus that allows the singer to lay claim to their "new design" knowledge.

One must listen for the inner voice, engage the voice, converse with the voice, in an ongoing way to insure that the relationship evolves into the cooperative nurtured space it deserves. Opening the door to the Inner Child intuitive capacity invites in the expansive life...


Within me lives my essence
Filled with wisdom and God’s Presence
Guiding all my moments
Showing me the way
Wise Child
It’s a whisper, it’s a feeling
And I trust it I do, really
Call it intuition, call it a sixth sense
Wise Child
     The more I choose it
     The more I am aware
     The more I choose it
     The more I know it’s there
       I am walking through life With That I Am
       And I know everything is OK
       (Me and my wise child)
       I Am directed, I Am Steered to the highest good
       And it’s all OK
       (Me and my Wise Child)
       I Am never alone, I have the voice that lifts my heart
       And says it’s OK
       (Me and my Wise Child)
       Love the one within you
       Feed her what she needs
       Play and be open to receive
   ©2000. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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