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Wise Child MP3 Song: You're Not Alone

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Humans have learned over many incarnations to feel like they are alone. Believing in separation and autonomy can easily isolate one in varying degrees. The human design is built on Oneness and Unification with the Celestial Source, the All That Is. To forget about that can leave the masses crying alone in the wilderness, even though there are billions around them 

This confusion can be brought into the Light by helping children especially, that each of us has a host of unseen support beings. That child may still even have contact with their own guardian angel still, consciously. Mine had to be called my imaginary friend to get a seat at our dinner table...but it worked until I was nine and sent him on to do his greater work from the expanse. 

We simply are not alone. And remembering that our Celestial allies must be called upon to support and be present, is a highly useful fact. Teach this in the family. Talk freely about the unseen world. Children under age 7 are still living in direct contact with the Spirit world from whence they incarnated. Call upon them to share what they know, even making contacts for you if you so desire. 

This song is gentle and is in the High Heart center key of F# as it is reaching in to the energetic beings aligned to your identifying frequency (did you know you have one?). But, on the chorus it transposes to E, the key of the Solar Plexus where knowing action takes place. The invitation here is to develop the willingness to make contact via the personal call, especially when you feel lost or alone. It will make a big difference in releasing the frequency of fear that keeps wanting to infiltrate the consciousness.

Check into that Inner Voice and unify with your Higher Self to then open up to that bigger Celestial posse that is your constant them forth and get to know them to solidify the eternal knowing that you are not alone.


Sometimes I look around me
Sometimes I cannot see
A single friend among the crowd
That’s standing next to me
And though I may feel lonely
And like an island stand
Something deep within me calms my shaking hand
A voice that sounds like thunder
A voice that sings to me
     You’re not alone
     No matter how it seems
     You’re not alone
     You’re in my company
     You’re not alone
     So it will always be
     You’re not alone
     ©2000. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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