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You Have the Power MP3 Song Download: Give

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Showed up at an Arizona  unity church to share music and they said can you create a new offering song for us?...something with a beat? By tomorrow morning?!

I had been listening to a lot of 60's music and early 70's tunes on SiriusXM radio on the long drive so I was in that mood. What came out was a quasi 70's kinda rocker with a sixties feel leaning just a bit towards Gospel. Perfect!...and it's short, singable, and chock full of new Thought attitudes towards abundance and manifestation.

We rocked out that Sunday and it has become a song I have used over and over to assist the giving/receiving relationship in action. Thank you, XM Sirius...


Give for the sake of giving
Give just because you can
Give for the sake of just
Letting it go
‘Cause when you give
The Universe expands
           ©2000. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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